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No Project is the same and therefore services provided vary from Project to Project.  Be it furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) or operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), our innovative and proven solutions include the following:


  • FF&E Review of specifications, drawings, matrices and documents

  • OS&E Review of the project design direction and operational needs and requirements

  • Preliminary Budget Development

  • Model room implementation and review

Planning Phases
Product Development & Sourcing
  • FF&E Finalize specifications for contract application, operational use and design integrity

  • OS&E develop specifications to meet the Client's design direction and requirements

  • Source products that are custom made to appropriate vendors and countries-Issue Bid Packages for products that have multiple sources of distribution

  • Analysis of Bids and value engineering

  • Budget Development, Approval and ongoing Tracking

  • Purchase Order Preparation & Transmittal

  • Management of document approval process (finishes, shop drawings, samples, certifications and maintenance instructions

  • Vendor Invoice Auditing & submittal of payment requests

  • Cash Flow

  • Order Expediting including shipping status reports

  • Budget Reports

  • Project close-out

Other Services
  • Warehousing & Installation management

  • Table Top Design

  • Top of the Bed Design

  • Minibar Planning

  • Retail Development

  • Specification Creation

  • Supplier Evaluation

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